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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  June 18, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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market in center city. the hottest part of the day and the hottest day of the year flt a lot of people trying to beat the heat. down the shore where temperatures are cooler, a live look from our cape may camera there. glenn has been tracking the temperatures all day long. >> the temperature got to 94 in philadelphia today, two degrees shy of the record. atlantic city set a record at 95. there's a heat advisory until 7:00. the feels-like temperature is near 100. nighttime storms and some could be strong. it's 93 right now. it's not quite as hot to the north. 95 in georgetown, delaware. they tied a record at 97 today. the feels-like temperature in dover, 100. it's 94 in philadelphia. we do not have any storms around now. there are a few showers in
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western pennsylvania. the main action is in ohio. it's getting close to cleveland. that is the area that we're going to be focusing on late tonight and tomorrow. we could see pretty strong storms as you can see with our future weather computer, especially as we get to the midday. some is pretty strong. more about the threat of storms tomorrow and over the weekend with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> sheena parveen will monitor the changing conditions to keep you prepared. tonight the latest on the storm threat at 11:00. now to sky force 10. crews are on the scene this accident right here. it involves several cars. investigators haven't released a lot of information. we will stay on top of this. count on nbc 10 to keep you posted. bad accident here in bridesburg.
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over an abduction and home invasion we have been following. new information now is that a teenager was approached by three robbers as he was walking home from school. the robbers tied up his parents, ransacked their house. they kidnapped the teenager and then they took off in a car. nbc 10 was there as the ninth grader was reunited with his parents. he was brought back home after he was able to free himself and escape unharmed. the robbers are still on the loose. the teen is okay. a corruption investigation reopened. four pennsylvania lawmakers and a traffic court judge had accused of accepting cash and gifts in exchange for political favors. philadelphia's district attorney believes more people could be involved. >> we're not going to have a separate standard for pookie and man-man selling crack versus people in the rotunda. >> that was seth williams.
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he have said elected officials need to be held accountable. a senate committee passed a measure that would make it a felony for law makers to accept cash gifts. the pennsylvania house of representatives is in no hurry to pass that legislation. we sent lu ann cahn to harrisburg. she's live tonight at the state house. what did you find out? >> reporter: i should tell you that the lawmakers who are under investigation didn't want to see us today. a law to ban cash gifts to lawmakers may not be seen by anyone here soon. >> i think it's begun to stall out. >> reporter: while philadelphia district attorney seth williams is determined to have a grand jury look at alleged cash giving to four state representatives, the house in harrisburg seems to be in no hurry to pass a law to stop it in the future.
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representative waters, representative brown were both in their seats today but wouldn't comment on the d.a.'s move to investigate them. representative bishop's office told us to talk to her attorney. we were told representative brownlee was on leave as we searched the capitol halls looking for the four accused. the house and senate did pass internal rules banning gift giving in april. it would be up to fellow lawmakers to enforce that. >> we need to go ahead and have the discussion, have the hearing, get it over, clear the air so we can give the public some sense that everybody here is not a thief. >> reporter: the senate passed a bill quickly in april. without a vote from state representatives it goes nowhere. >> i'm supportive of that legislation to ban the gifts. >> i hate to think something like this is because we are in the middle of a political cycle. i hope will we continue to give it the attention it's due.
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>> reporter: meanwhile, representatives waters, brownlee and brown have all denied wrongdoing in the past. an attorney is representing bishop. he told us today that for her to be targeted is hurtful to her. live in harrisburg, lu ann cahn, nbc 10 news. new video just in to nbc 10. these are exclusive pictures of some of the suspects in today's big heroin bust. they are being taken to the prosecutor's office. sky force 10 was in the air as authorities fanned out in the largest narcotics investigation in cape may county history. they were going after people in a suspected heroin distribution ring in south jersey. this was one of a dozen locations raided today in cape may. police arrested 12 people. they found nearly 8,000 bags of heroin in one car. they seized the equivalent of
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182,000 bags, worth more than $3.5 million. >> you can imagine taking this many bags of heroin off the streets here in cape may county is going to have a big affect on young people and the people that are using heroin. >> prosecutors say a handgun and $200,000 in cash was seized today. they are anticipating more arre arrests. jerry lindfest is the owner of the entirer. he and katz bought out their partners in an auction last month and katz died in a plane crash. his family sold its stake for $16 million. lewis and i shared a believe the city deserved the very best daily resources.
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katz was killed when his plane crashed near boston days after the newspaper auction. a report from federal investigators indicates the flight crew did not do a preflight check that would have shown a problem. new information this evening about a south jersey home repair contractor who suddenly closed his doors last week. it's a story we reported last night. now we learn the owner of dream house windows is now in police custody. he is facing charges that include theft by deception and writing bad checks. customers say he took money for work that was never done. subcontractors and pleaemployee claim they were not paid. ♪ i'm free and i won't forget >> an emotional sendoff. the largest deployment new jersey's national guard has seen in six years. with the increased violence in
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iraq, families say this deployment feels very different. the mission is all part of operation enduring freedom. the troops will head to texas and after that they will go overseas to carry out security exercises. cydney long was on base today for the sendoff. it can't be easy for those families considering the increased violence in iraq that we're seeing. >> reporter: not at all. this is a deployment they have had 18 months to prepare for. that period of time made them feel like things were beginning to settle down in the middle east. now finding that calm, it's hard to grasp as they let go. >> do not waiver on the values that make us what we are. >> reporter: 450 solders from new jersey's 21 counties will spend the next year defending america's freedoms.
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this as tension between iraqi religious sects may force the u.s. to intervene. >> it's getting bad. the middle east is serious. every week you see something else happening. >> reporter: this staff sergeant knows he has a team of support in his wife, four children and three grandchildren. >> it will be a long deployment, leaving family. it will be hard. we have a mission to do. >> reporter: it's this woman's first mission. the 23-year-old says her unit, the 114th infantry, is prepared. >> i feel good. i have the training. i know i have the right people around me. everything is going to be fine. >> reporter: the mission? setting up security measures and protecting assets shipped from afghanistan before returning to the u.s. this woman is proud and nervous. >> i'm a news junky. i don't want to hear it or listen to it. my heart gets in my throat. it's what we thought was going to be a more peaceful zone, it's
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hotter. >> reporter: this hug will carry this major. >> we will try and scape as much as we can. >> we're the greatest country on the either. it will work out. >> reporter: more than half of the 450 soldiers reside in the southern most counties. they leave behind 108 children. live, i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. back to the weather, the hottest day of the week and the year. nbc 10 here in center city where people were trying to stay high dralted. also tracking the threat for storms. >> those storms are developing out to our west. you can see them nasty in ohio. some could be severe tonight. i'm tracking the timing and how it could affect your morning commute. police cracking down on speeders in construction zones along the pennsylvania turnpike
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after a construction worker is killed. i'm doug shimell, the story coming up next at 6:00.
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right now at 6:00, speed traps along the pennsylvania turnpike. state police cracking down on speeding in construction zones,
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that after a worker was killed earlier this month. state troopers aren't just relying on radar from their cruisers. they installed radar in construction vehicles. on most areas the speed limit is 65. in some cases 55. but that speed limit gets reduced to 40 in all construction and maintenance zones. the fines for speeding where there are workers can be pricy. doug shimell live along the turnpike. doug, the new traps catching drivers by surprise. >> reporter: yeah. that's exactly what they're designed to do. police say if it makes drivers paranoid and slow down when they get to the work zones and it saves a life, the plan has worked. every ticket they wrote was for bill. >> my heart stopped when i heard that two of our people were hit. >> reporter: on june 1, this 61-year-old turnpike worker was killed and another man was injured when police say a speeding tractor-trailer crashed
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through a construction zone near downingtown. >> we're family out here. it's like you lost a family member. you didn't only lose a co-worker and a friend but you lost a family member. >> reporter: troopers implemented what they call orange squeeze. running radar from the cab of a turnpike truck at the entrance to a 40 mile an hour maintenance zone. with no sign of police, it doesn't take long. >> white buick behind the white van in the left lane. >> reporter: the speed fine is different. it's more. it's an automatic suspension. >> reporter: how much attention to the pay to your speed when you go through a traffic zone? >> i try to pay as much attention as possible and obey the limit. i don't know what happened today. >> reporter: 31 citations, two warnings and the highest speed, 81 miles an hour. you might have lost your license today. >> that would have been really bad. i'm going to learn a lesson out of this and make sure that doesn't happen again.
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>> i would tell them to slow down in a construction zone. it's not worth injuring somebody. >> reporter: where bill worked, they will put you will the plaque in his honor. >> in bill's memory, we want everybody to understand that we are human beings out here. >> reporter: if you are caught speeding in a work zone, the fines are doubled. if you are caught speeding more than 11 over the 40 mile an hour limit in the work zone, it's an automatic 15-day suspension of your driver's license. live along the turnpike, i'm doug shimell, nbc 10 news. at the jersey shore today, a chilling reminder to drivers to slow down this summer as well. this crash test dummy doubled as a 10-year-old. authorities showed the difference in a driver's ability to stop at 25 compared to 35. it's part of a summer pedestrian safety program on long beach islands. officials are asking people to obey laws and watch out for each other so that doesn't happen.
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no real break from the heat at the shore today. plenty of relief at the poconos. we are tracking storms. they are in ohio right now. eventually, coming into this area. will not be as hot tomorrow as it has been over the last two days. there is a chance at least that some weekend storms will happen. we have not seen weekend storms for four straight weekends. speaking of storms, a thunderstorm risk for some severe storms across a good bit of pennsylvania before the night is out and into tomorrow morning. so that's something we're going to have to watch out for. we have a pretty good looking day today, until you go outside and experience the heat. 93 now. the high was 94. we have a west northwest wind. it feels like 93 because the humidity is only 36%.
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the higher humidity is fatherer to the south. the lower temperatures to the north. 81 in mount pocono. 88 in quakertown. 93 in philadelphia. 92 in wilmington. atlantic city airport got up to 95, setting a record today. on the beach, 95 degrees as well. in delaware at the beach, mid 90s. no relief to the south. we have dry conditions right now. heavy storms coming through ohio. a few showers in western pennsylvania. some of those could be coming through during the night tonight. this is generally after midnight for most of us. it could affect the morning rush. we could see showers as you can see there in parts of the area. i think the greatest action is going to be after the morning rush. you see this particular model has heavy stuff around around
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midday and into the afternoon. that is pretty heavy showers and storms. then the dryer air from the north and that sets us up for a beautiful friday. at the shore, it's going to be beautiful on friday as well. some storms thursday and some storms on saturday. sunday is looshging good at the shore. warm and humid tonight with showers late. 72 for the low in philadelphia. during the day tomorrow, not as hot but showers and thunderstorms likely. some heavy rain. high temperatures in the mid 80s. could be lightning, too. not on friday. sunny, beautiful day with low humidity. just a chance of storms on saturday, especially in southern sections. then we dry out sunday for another nice day. monday is nice, too. then the storm threat increases in the middle of the week. i'm john clerk. the phillies get the sweep. ryan howard hot. will the red skips be forced to
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i'm john clark. the phillies get their first sweep on the road since april of last year. they have won seven of nine. they are four and a half games out of first place. do you believe, that is the question? fans trying to stay cool. trying at least. ryan howard remains red hot. he homered in each of the first two games. chase utley is coming home. the game is tied at 4.
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this is the second inning. mayberry, three rbis. they are up 7-4. big piece continues to stay hot in the fifth. brings home another run. ryan howard with six rbis in the series. phillies bats piling it on. not a lot of fans. one of three hits on the day for marlin. they sweep the braves, 10-5. they are on a roll. >> it's huge. being able to kind of give ourselves an opportunity, we haven't been out of it all year. as hot or cold as we have been, this puts us back in the mix. we got to keep going from there and go on to st. louis. >> it was hot out there for day two of the eagles mini camp. mccoy led the rushing last year.
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he says they are focusing on going deeper in the postseason. he says, not having distractions yet, it's helping. >> we the quarterback controversy. we like that type of stuff. it's different going into camp. the last couple years we had so many attention on the team for all the wrong reasons. now we're just preparing. i like it. >> how about this? the u.s. patent off with a ruling today. they have cancelled the redskins trademark because they say it's despair ranling to native americans. they will appeal. this ruling does not force the redskins to change their team name or logo. the appeal process could last for years. the redskin s trademark was cancelled. i'm proud to announce the recipient of the $1,000
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scholarship to greg holman. >> two students surprised at the high school for creative and performing arts. two $1,000 scholarships were handed out. congratulations to both of them. now for nbc 10 news at 11:00. west nile is here. mosquitos came back positive for the virus tonight. what's being done to eliminate the danger and what you can do after tonight's rain in your yard to keep the biting bugs from multiplying.
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we had 94 today. back into the 80s tomorrow. showers and thunderstorms likely. a gorgeous day on friday. >> some relief after the storms.
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the news continues now with "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. can the federal government help pressure the washington redskins to change their name? on our broadcast tonight, under attack. extremists launch a major assault on the largest oil refinery in all of iraq, now shut down with oil prices on the rise. taking a hit. the feds go after the redskins where it hurts the most, money from team merchandise, as the controversy over the team's name takes a surprise turn. caught on camera. what this woman recorded on her phone that may have saved her life, and her message that has the power to save many more. and the heart of a champion. the american olympic gold medalist who has suffered a life-changing accident, and what she is saying she has learned about life since her injury. "nightly news" begins now.